Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Year That Was...

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone!! :D

I am a bit of a boring person. So, I don't like 31st parties. Everywhere is crowded and expensive and I get bored. I can celebrate the New Year's on 5th, if you want. I have nothing against the excuse for celebration. But I do have a problem with spending my time being jostled around and all, after I pay a LOT of money for a good time. So, that's the reason, why I was sitting at home, writing this post rather than partying the night away somewhere.

Anyway, this is going to be my obligatory year-end post, where I rewind my year and re-live the various important moments from the past year.

January, 2010: The birthday month. :D First time in my life that I got completely sloshed and experienced a hangover. Not pretty but definitely a watershed moment. :P Also, I visited Misty in London, travelled around London and fell in love with it! I totally want to live there once when possible.

February, 2010: Quite uneventful except for a day trip to Scarborough and Whitby, which was quite awesome! :D

March 2010: I went for my first Couchsurfing festival, MADchester and made loads and loads of cool, new friends. Also, S met M and my days were over. :( :P

April, 2010: I started blogging with my first post dedicated to my girls, Sun and Moon. Here's to the Celestial Goddesses! :D

May, 2010: My trip to Scotland! :D (Notice how most of my "special moments of the month" have got to be travelling things? :P) But, I went to Scotland for another Couchsurfing do, Edinburgh Rocks! And it was great. One of my favourite events was Free Hugs. And then, when we travelled around, apart from the Highlands, which were obviously pretty, we also went to St. Andrews, which was low-profile but so extremely pretty. Also, when we were here, I went to my first real beach, with good weather and all, in England - something that I missed about Mumbai! It was just the best. :D :D :D

June, 2010: I presented my first academic paper at a conference ever and it was very much appreciated by everyone. So, I felt ecstatic that I can do something intellectual like that too. :P

July, 2010: A complete waste of a month, to be honest. :P I was *supposed* to be working on my dissertation, due to which, I didn't go anywhere, didn't do anything. But, I didn't study either. So, mostly, I vegetated in my room watching stupid sitcoms and films and not doing anything. :/ But, I also discovered the hidden talent of mine of making awesome cocktails at home. :P

August, 2010: A lot like July, except in this month, there was a bit more working on dissertation. Finally, phew. :P

September, 2010: I finished and submitted my dissertation!! Woot, woot! :D A very exciting and amazing academic year came to an end with that. :) Also, I went to North Wales for hiking with my housemates, which was a bit of a debacle but EXTREMELY pretty. AND, I went to Northern Ireland with S, which was THE BEST vacation in the UK. It's the most beautiful place in the UK and everyone should visit it. Also, I met Atom towards the wee end of the month and struck up a great friendship with him instantly. September, was, without a doubt the best month of the year. :D

October, 2010: Well, Atom and I became officially involved. And then, I left. :( But, I came back to Mumbai!!!! :D I met my family and Moon at the airport and totally realised how much I had missed this place and these people. Lots of mixed emotions in this one. Peaks of happiness and depths of depression.

November, 2010: This was the month of drifting along without any particular goal. Probably the saddest month of the year, where I didn't know what next. I hated that feeling of hanging in the limbo. Nothing happened except for a few poor efforts at finding a job. And finding myself. Which, just for the records, I still haven't.

December, 2010: Firstly, I found a job that I like. So, that drifting mode suddenly came to stop, which was a good thing. Coz, if I had brooded anymore, I would have gone crazy by now. :P Then, I went back to England and had the best time of my life there. I officially became a post graduate from a reputed English uni. :D I didn't let a single moment go by without soaking in everything I knew I would miss, especially, Atom's company. I spent a very short but a lovely time with him.
But, also, I returned to Mumbai single. Anyway, ever since I came back, I have been working like a maniac, leaving the house at 7:30 am and returning at 10:30 pm. So, I haven't had time to brood. Not that I am going to. It was all for the best and I have no regrets.

All in all, a very very very good year, 2010 was. :D I am sad to see it go away. But then again, I intend to make 2011 as interesting as 2010, if not more. :D

So, Happy New Year, guys! Hope you have a great 2011. :D


  1. That was an interesting month by month update. You are quite the traveler!
    You do work very hard. Hope you are still in touch with Atom:)

  2. Thanks! :) I do love travelling. I am going out to Gujrat in a week. :P I and Atom write to each other but that makes it more difficult to get over each other. Anyway, I'm working hard on my PhD proposal so that I get a scholarship and I can go back. :)

  3. This is my first visit to your blog...and it was such an interesting read... I like this month-by-month update that you've given... and I totally agree about the over-priced totally-not-worth-it new yrs eve parties.. I had the quietest affair at home...

  4. Thanks for dropping by! :) I hope you return for more silly rants and other random reading. ;)