Monday, November 29, 2010

Break and Ba(a)d

Watched Break ke Baad yesterday with my cousin, Bik. It's a nice film, one of the regular rom-com ones that have become very popular in the last 2-3 years. Watch once just to refresh your mind kind of thing. :)

Director: Kunal Kohli
Starring: Imran Khan, Deepika Padukone

Abhay (Imran Khan) and Aaliya (Deepika Padukone) have been dating each other ever since they must be like 6. But Aaliya is a big dreamer and very adventurous. Abhay, on the other hand, is very much afraid to leave his cocoon of safety even though he is not at all happy there. Aaliya moves to Australia to fulfil her dreams and the problems of a long distance relationship begin. Abhay follows her so that they can work it out together. But, priorities and situations change for both of them.

Both, Imran and Deepika are good and convincing in their characters. Though, you can clearly see that Imran has grown a lot since his Jaane Tu... days in terms of his acting. Deepika, on the other hand, started off very well in her un-emotional, non-commitmental, adventurous kind of person role but her portrayal by the director and her portrayal of the character, both go downhill a bit after the interval. It's a good tale of coming of age, balancing your personal life and your careers, realising what's more important to you and prioritising etc. However, it's a bit hurried and at times, you feel like you're being rushed through the film. You feel breathless, just trying to catch up with it. Though, Deepika wears shorts most of the times, and even with Imran next to her, I was sort of conflicted over who should I be drooling over. Imran or Deepika's never-ending legs!!! So sexy! Wish I could have that! My legs are probably half the length hers are. :/

Music is good, cinematography and locations are cool (totally made me want to go to Australia! :D) and situations, very real and believable.

But, there was a slight problem. Watching the film made me feel very sad and depressed. This, I realised, is going to be the truth of my life for a few years to come now. I will keep flitting between realising my dreams, doing something worthwhile with my life, career-wise, maintain my personal life, with my various, innumerable friends, my family and hopefully, a special someone too. But what if I make a mistake I regret for the rest of my life? What if I compromise for the wrong thing? What if I give up  my dreams for someone and then, blame that person for the rest of my life? Or what if I let go of someone important for something inconsequential (in the long run) like my dream of travelling the world? Or a degree or something! Why can't life come with an instruction manual for difficult decisions? I don't want to drift around feeling like I fit nowhere. Sigh, the one down-side of globalisation. Relationships are all spread all over the world. Family in Mumbai, boyfriend in Leeds and best friend in Auckland. How do you deal with life like that?!! :(

*Picture courtesy: Google images.


  1. Long distance relationships are a pain in the wrong place. Period.

  2. Well, things are very simple. If you have a hot bf / gf, put him / her first, everything else second. If you have a great job and no bf / gf, put the job first. If you have both, then love > job, love > everything, so give up the job. Only when both the bf/gf and job are not great, do these confusions arise.

  3. June, I agree! :((

    Kannan, I love how you can equation-ify everything! hehe!! But, even when the things are simple like that, what if and when there are visa and money issues? (Issues clearly mean that you don't have either. :/) And what about the best friend? You need her so that you can run to her when you have a lovers tiff or when your bf is having his poker night/ football night with his guys, no?!! And then, there are times like say Diwali or Rakshbandhan, when you need your family as well. And you can't keep flying everywhere all the time, can you now?!! :(

  4. Long distances do not work! Period. However hard you may try they don't!! However wishful you may think that you are different and it can be aren't!! Also one should not get into a relationship if one knows fully well that there is a possibility of it turning into a long distance relationship!!! Period!

  5. Gee Dish, thank you very much, yea!! I shall be sure to pass on the message to Atom...

  6. putting it this way -
    you have someone when you visit leeds, you have someone when you visit mumbai, and you have someone when you visit auckland.

    Imagine, if all of them were in mumbai, and you had to go to leeds or auckland??

    well.. on a serious note. If you have serious plans to marry your bf, move to leeds asap. :)
    (and get married)
    Anyway you aint gonna be with your parents when you get married.


  7. That, indeed, is a good way of putting it. :)

    Aiyo, marriage and all, I don't know!! I only just met him! And no, I won't be with family when I get married but it helps if they are close enough to visit, no?

  8. If life came with an instruction manual, it wouldn't be half as fun. Just follow your heart and never feel sorry for your mistakes.

  9. True that. But, I can't help but worry about my decisions. Guess the only way out is not to be daft and believe in myself. :P