Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dentist Dolours

Oh, the physical pain!! :( Had to go to a dentist yesterday. I'm sure I've mentioned my dislike for doctors of all sorts. And so far, dentists are the worst ones. Because they cause me physical pain. (That may also be because I've only been to a dentist, an orthopedic doctor and an opthalmologist before. And obviously, dentists have been the most intrusive of them all.) Anyway, needless to say, I have been quite traumatized since yesterday.

Well, to be fair, this time is going to be nothing compared to the last time I had to go to a dentist - about 7 years ago for a root canal treatment. (For obvious reasons, I took extra good care of my teeth ever since and thankfully, have never had to go back there again except for a couple regular check-ups. That is, until yesterday, of course.) But this time, I had to go there because the cap on my tooth came out and I have to get a new one made. So, really, nothing compared to the trauma of last time. But, even then, I got my mouth raped by a weird metallic instrument and a really yucky, gooey substance several times. And honestly, is it just me or does the dentist's chair really look like a monster with a long, long neck and a single eye at it's end, one long hand with a strange fixture attached to it and one shorter hand with several long fingers that can just about go to any lengths to make you uncomfortable? See, see, I'm not lying! Have a look yourself!

Ugh, gotta go there again today for trying the new cap. And probably one more time sometime later to get it fixed. Uff, the problems I have!! Sigh. :P

*picture courtesy: Google images


  1. The chair in the pic look very inviting. The ones I have been to, scares the hell out of people. Especially the way the dentist tools are arranged on the table. Metal pieces of all sizes, twisted, straight, sharp. damn. And then there is the driller. and al hell lot of other stuff. Its like they are going to operate on you without the gas.

    Scary. yes.

  2. I totally empathise! I have always been afraid of dentists myself....the time I had to get my 4 tedha milk teeth extracted I had gone to my foi...and she gave me 6 injections in the mouth at one shot!! Since then I have always been afraid of Dentists!!

  3. dts y i always pick a cute dentist, it takes d edge of d pain

  4. Survivingbrain: Omg, the driller. That's the one that totally raped my mouth! Now, it's feeling so raw and sensitive! :( :P And yes, the chair in the picture looks very inviting. In fact, when I sat down on one of those the first time around, the dialogue from Friends, "Oh, If they sold these at Pottery Barn..." flashed through my mind. (Rachel was at this point in her gynac's office for an examination. :P) But, then, they pull that short hand with long fingers in towards you can see the tools that you have mentioned. That's when you should run.

    Disha, I don't think I want to even think of getting any of my teeth extracted. Only a root canal was such a big pain. And you know what a sissy I am when it comes to physical pain.

    PJ: Ah, now, there's an idea!!! :D ;)

  5. This one reminded me of the poem by Ogden Nash - 'THIS IS GOING TO HURT JUST A LITTLE BIT'
    Personally, I like visiting my dentist. Always fun.

  6. Forgot to mention - My dentist has a super hot son. Always fun running into a hottie like that with super clean teeth :D

  7. I'm absolutely petrified of dentists. I've only had fillings done so far, but I've seen my mum getting two root canals, and it wasn't pretty. And I've heard plenty of other horror stories.
    And I know what you mean about the chair...looks like a torture machine, doesn't it?

  8. It totally does! ::shivers involuntarily:: Have to go again tomorrow! :/ But hopefully, it'll be done tomorrow!