Thursday, November 18, 2010

No one

Sometimes in life, you are all alone. Just you. And no one else by your side. And even if they were, you still feel alone. In spirit. All, all alone.


  1. It is good to have that feeling sometimes.
    You can have an good look at yourself and a good talk with oneself.

    Makes you understand what your priorities really are.

  2. Probably. :)

    But there are two kinds of alone: solitude and loneliness. The second one is not so nice even if it offers you solitude along with it to retrospect and stuff. But you are right, we would rather only take good things from every situation. :)

  3. I am there jaan and so is Sun: you are never alone howmuchever you try: just listen to the voices arguing in your head!! Its me and her!