Monday, November 8, 2010

The sitcom that is my life...

Last November, on the Bonfire night, I had gone out on a date with this Greek-Albanian guy I'd met randomly somewhere. It was absolutely the most boring date I've ever had! He could barely speak proper English. How he stayed in England is a mystery to me. But, his English was so basic, that once we asked each other what do we do and where we are both from, we were pretty much stumped for conversation. Coming from such varied and rich cultures, we should have had LOADS of things to talk about. But the moment I'd say even ONE big word in English, he'd start looking all perplexed. And explaining things to someone who is hyperventilating for not understanding is not my cuppa tea. I asked him if he liked reading. And he said, "No." Yea, just that, no explanations, no asking me if I did, nothing at all. Just, "No." And THEN! He said, he liked singing. And he started humming a song. In Albanian. In the crowded, noisy bar. IN MY EAR! How I wanted to burst out laughing! Needless to say, I never met him again. 


A couple days ago, my father asked me what I was trying to tell him the previous night. I told him that I was asleep even before he came back! So, obviously, I didn't talk to him. How could I have told him something? Apparently, as it turns out that he had come into my room after I had gone to sleep and when he was there, I mumbled something in my sleep and then shouted out numbers "2100" and "2500" before going back to sleep. I have absolutely no clue what those numbers meant. I just know that it's dangerous if I talk in sleep because fortunately, this time, I was talking to my dad in my sleep and shouted out numbers in Gujarati. But what if I was talking to someone else? Like Sun and Moon? or Atom? My dad would be scarred for life! :P


Later that day, Hoppy came to our house and both of us were fooling around. Then, Hoppy went and laid down his head in my mum's lap. I got jealous and shooed him away and went and laid my head down in my mum's lap myself. Hoppy, being the mischievous little brat that he is, came and snuggled in next to me, subtly trying to nudge my head out of my mum's lap with his own head. There was much tickling and laughing and we both ended up taking pretty pictures of lovely bhai-behen ka pyar in my mum's lap. :D

Last night, I went to Hoppy and my grand parents' place. My aunt (Hoppy's mum), my granny and granpa and I, we were all talking about adult worldly things, like reconstruction, building towers in place of old buildings and houses etc. Hoppy got bored and piped up, "Granpa, have you also worked in a construction company when you were young? How do you know everything about everything? If my cycle is broken, you repair that. If the bulb or the fan is not working, you repair that. If there are problems in the building, you know the solutions. Why do you do everything?!! This is your age to shut up and do your own religious things, no?"


  1. Nice forgot to put in the one that is there in the blog about us where your mom walked in on us discussing and explaining stuff in detail to you!!!

  2. How does it matter if the Greek guy cannot speak English ehm ? The only that matters is this - " did he look like a Greek God ? ;) " In my experiences from a village in Haryana ( my Hindi is rubbish ), I have learned that language is not important for a lot of things, including diagnosing diseases, prescribing medicines and delivering children. They just happen because of the sheer need for it to happen. If he had looked like a Greek God, his ability to say yes and no would be enough ;)

    Ah, I am jealous of you.

    Perhaps I should run away to some foreign land... Though, I doubt my ability to get a date, as I have never been on one till now...

    Ah, my life is a tragedy... Umm.. Too harsh.. Perhaps, a tragic comedy would be a better explanation :)

  3. @ Disha: People have heard it enough times! :P And anyway, there are lots of other things that have not featured here. These are just things that I think were funny or remembered at the time of writing.

    @ Kannan: Haha! Maybe. But he didn't even look like a Greek God. Just your average, regular god with a small g. ;) But, I didn't connect with him and got very very bored. So, no show. But, you should totally go! It's a lot of fun and a great experience to be in some exotic foreign place! :P And tragic comedy is fun. I think my life is a little bit of that as well. Maybe I'll write another post with the title, "The tragedy that's my life..." and then, well, then, I think my life will become a soap opera tragic comedy. hmm. :P

  4. Yeah and then we can have 'K'ekta Kapoor direct it!! :-P

  5. well.
    Soap operas and life.
    I hate to interconnect them. If I have seen something more distant to life, it is a soap opera.

    Leaving that aside, I should say you should not be very harsh on guys. I have goofed up many times, possibly because of the fear of losing. I do not regret or mind any of them right now, because i am well past that age where a date mean much to me.

    But then, dont you think it is quite difficult to get the right girl or a guy on a date?

    But it is always different to have a date with a person other than your nationality. I has been shy, but i think i will try that this jan.

    and meanwhile. I did hate the phrase 'soap opera tragic comedy'

  6. @ Disha: Would that be Dasgupta or you? ;)

    @ survivingbrain: I agree that soap operas and life are so far from each other, they can't reflect each other. But, have you not met many drama queens (like ahem, coughmecough) in your life? :P

    Aside, I was trying not to be harsh. But what would you do if a girl started humming a random song you don't understand in your ear after about one hour of "knowing" you?!!

    I agree that it is very very very difficult to get someone with whom you can just click on a date. But, dates are always fun, and with someone from another country and culture is always fascinating. That is, of course, if they can talk about it. In a language you understand. :P

    I'm sorry you don't like tragic comedy soap phrase. Did it hurt your aesthetic sensibilities? :P

  7. :)

    Never mind the phrase. I just hate soaps. I dont mind a month of solitary detention, but i cannot stand half hour of any soap that comes on TV. That irritates me more than the screeching sound of metal on a chalk board. and coupled with the words - tragedy and comedy- you know what :P:P

    I guess I will be taking your idea and be dating some one - a foreigner. I have started to like the feel already :D

  8. wrong login. the previous comment was mine. :)