Sunday, November 21, 2010

What do you make of this?

And when I say this, I mean this.

I was stuck in a train for about 2 hours because of this yesterday. But what does that say about the inefficiency and the corruption in our country? Time for bullet points (and some introspection).
  • It's been ages that the over-head bridge has to be built and it hasn't even started yet. 
  • Inspite of the level crossing gate, people cross the tracks according to their convenience. Is it only the authorities that are to blame?
  • 3 deaths in one morning?!!! Pathetic! And how much of a difference does it make after 2 days for others? Nothing. People forget it as soon as the trains start working again.
  • For some reason, we Indians believe mob protests can solve everything. And the sad thing is, more often than not, that's the only thing that can make the officials get into some kind of action.
  • Commuters and residents protest. Political parties take advantage of it. 
  • The Railways blame the government. The government blames the police. The police blames the commuters. The commuters blame the railways. Yes, that's the only way you can get rid of the responsibility you should have shouldered and go back to watching your porn. 
Congratulations on being a resident of this city of dreams, Mumbai and this land of diversity and rich cultural heritage, India!! For once, I wish we could stop living in the past and look at the present reality of our city and our country.


  1. yes painful..
    of all the things that trickled down to d masses from d govt, shirking responsibility seems to have made it 1st

  2. That's a lot of frustration.
    The point is, we get away just fine even without that over-head bridge. We get along just fine without extra security at sensitive areas. We get along just fine with the outdated sewage system and the rusted transformers and the building that was built before our grandparents. Our anger only comes out when something inconveniences us in some way. And that too, is forgotten as soon we have something else to trouble us.
    The news about the 3 deaths is quite upsetting.

  3. Starts with the childhood.

    Kids learn from parents. They see them litter, they see them bribe. They see them do everything that they should not. And at school, kids exchange the ideologies of their parents. they grow up.