Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happiness in Star-land! :D

Happiness is in the air, fellas. Lots and lots and lots of happiness!

I've booked tickets to go to England for 2 weeks for graduation. Which means, I'll see Atom again! :D And I'll also do the whole formal graduating with a robe and all! I leave in 12 days and I'm already crossing off dates in my calendar! :D My father is not pleased with my behaviour. :P ::giggle giggle:: (See what I mean? :P)

Also, I just got an email from Sun. She might be coming back for a visit in January. Which means a Celestial Goddesses reunion!! After more than a year and a half! Man, somebody needs to warn the weather guy that Mumbai is going to be flooded soon. :P

And, Moon took me out for lunch today. She also gifted me 2 books very much to my taste - Eat Pray Love and Right fit, Wrong shoe (a chick lit!!! :D) I'm not quite sure what the occassion was for such lavish treatment but I had the most gorgeous time ever with her! She also proposed me marriage, which makes the count to 3 women and ZERO men who have proposed me marriage so far. Should I be worried?!! Do I have a strange vibe that only attracts women to me?!! Ah well, at least I've only ever attracted extremely sexy women. ;) :D It can be a good back-up plan, no? ;) :P :P :P Anyway, we also had the most sinful sizzling brownie, whereupon, I thought I had died and gone to heaven!! But, I had to soon get back to the reality of Mumbai locals that immediately reminded me that I'm still on planet Earth. Sigh.

But nothing can dampen the bubbling joy I have been feeling since morning! :D Like I said, happiness in Star-land! :D


  1. Do not worry... I know a super hottie girl, who has had umpteen proposals. She turned all of them down. End Result - Same as you. Only end result matters :)

  2. Star! You do attract men! Just the wrong ones because lets face it.....there are no right ones on this planet!!! We might need to go in for alien hunting for that! And yyaaaaaaaaayyynessssss in moonland and sunland too! Life is (almost) perfect! If only!!! :-D

  3. @ Kannan: True that, only the end result matters! :D Now, hoping for that perfect fairy tale ending... :)

    @ Dishy: Oh, 'tseems all I've done all my life is attract wrong kinds of men, who, btw, all seem right when the attraction bit is happening. Sigh. You're right. If only...

  4. does it matter?? seriously?

    And it is more difficult to get a girl attracted to you than a guy..And have a good trip...

  5. Well, it wouldn't have mattered if I attracted both sexes. But since I'm quite straight, it's definitely a problem that I attract ONLY women! Thanks, I will!! :D :D :D

  6. I was wondering that too a few days back as this gorgeous woman started to buy me drinks while I was with very decent looking male-friends! I turned around and said, "am I sending out "the" vibe?" ... Congratulations and good wishes for your graduation :)

  7. Nice cheerful post! So who's singing...I kissed a girl, I liked it!

  8. Jasleen: :D Thanks! :)

    June!! Yes, yes, very much yayness! :D :P

    @ Purba: Thanks for dropping by! :) And to be honest, it is kinda true that women are mostly sexier than men, no? ;)

  9. not sure on that scale, but yes am surrounded by right females n wrong males!
    though I fell am the best possible - amongst the species!
    Fate!!!! or plain Gud Ladyluck! :)