Friday, November 12, 2010

A 12-year old conversation

A whispered conversation with my friends when we were all about 12 years old that I just remembered:

Girl A: How could you invite him home? You know what all boys want, no?!
Girl B: Yea, but I told you, Girl C was there with us as well!
Girl C: Yea, but what do you mean all boys want this?
(some blank spots)
Girl A: Yea, it seems for the girls, the size of your breast increases after you do that and for the boys, the size of their you-know-whats.
Girl B: And you also have to put it in your mouth!
Girl C: Ewwwww!!! I'll never do that! That's where they pee from!!
Girl B: But then, if you don't do it, you'll never have children!
Girl D: Well, you know, my uncle and aunt. They never do it. They don't have any children. They have been married for more than 10 years now.
Girl A: But you have medicines with which you don't have babies but you can do it. That's what your uncle must do, of course. Or else, he wouldn't like your aunt because he was forced into the marriage.
Girl D: No no, it was a love marriage and they don't take any medicines! I know. They just don't do anything.
Girl B: They must have good self-control, no?
Girl C: What's there to control? It's dirty anyway! Maybe your aunt thinks like me and asked her husband to not do it.

I'm not quite sure if I'm happy I've grown up. I feel jaded and wish I could have that innocence again. But, I suppose since I have grown up, I might as well enjoy my knowledge, no? ;) ::wink wink, nudge nudge:: :P


  1. well yes.
    I too miss those days. Innocent, yes. looking back i do wish i was that age when we all begin to come out of age. When we are all curious as to the topography of the body of the opposite sex.

    There were a lot of silly theories, and there was hardly any computer around, let alone internet. We used to be charged 1 rupee for a peek into a nude magazine, by the senior guys. It was very, very difficult to see a photo of the female genital. We all had to be content with the sketch in biology books at the school library.

    Oh boy. that was almost 20 years back. How the word have changed!

    But the bottom line is, internet and hardcore porn has spoiled the beauty of sex. The fantasies those days felt better than real sex these days.

  2. I'm suddenly glad that we had sex education in school and we got our information from the right sources.....oh god! The innocence? I would call it naivete!

  3. @ survivingbrain: Oh, the theories we had!! heh.

    @ Disha: I agree that sex education is important for everyone. But really, isn't there a touch of innocence about it? Naivete it would be, if I had this conversation even 4 years later. But at 12, I think I had my innocence and exploration at the right place. Anyway, don't forget that I turned out just fine! ;)