Saturday, November 6, 2010

Good Deed of the Day! :)

6th November 2010 will always be special for me. :)

It's the day I donated blood for the first time in my life! :D I am super scared of needles. Hate them. There used to be a time when I couldn't care less if I had to be given an injection. But, then, I grew up I suppose. Anyhow, one of my dad's patients needed blood urgently. And my dad also went in for donation. He always does, whenever he can. He's my hero. I want to be like him. I mean, I don't want to be a doctor. I just want to be a person like him. :) So, my mum and I went along as well. Just in case we are also eligible to donate. My mum hasn't been able to since about 12 years. Her haemoglobin is very low. And I used to be underweight. This time, I was just about half a kilo under the desired weight limit. :D So, they didn't fuss and allowed me to donate. :)

It was very strange. Coz the doctor could see that I'm scared and nervous. But, he needed the blood as well. So, he only asked me once if I'm sure. And I refused to even look at the needles. Did you know they're ENORMOUS?!! Anyhow, about 3-4 minutes later, I started feeling really warm and dizzy. And I told my dad that I'm feeling a bit strange. But, he said, it's almost over. No problems. And it was! :D It was over before I knew it! And once I recovered from the dizzy feeling and light-headedness (in about 2 and a half minutes! :P) I felt a new high. The high of knowing that you did a good thing today and probably helped someone save somebody's life. Life is good. :)

I recommend everyone to donate blood, especially since so many people need it everyday! Accident cases, Thalassemia cases, operations - everyone! So, you are doing someone such a big favour AND feeling good about it! :) Besides, people like Moon and me can overcome their fear of needles. ;)


  1. I am petrified by needles. I am happy to poke them into some patient, but never into me. I have never donated blood. Too scared. Once a crazy resident needed some blood to be used as control for the test and for some reason seized me. Had to put up a brave face and give him some blood. But it was only a little amount :)

  2. Congrats CD! You overcame your fear at one shot! I am doing it in stages...had my blood taken for a thalassemia test when they had come to SIMSR for a drive..the needle there was huge too! Next stop blood donation when I am eligible!!! :-)

  3. I am not scared of needles. But i cant donate blood they say :( i am anaemic. So, i envy you and kudos! :)

  4. well..

    I skipped many blood tests because of the needle. I can use a knife and cut myself without issues, but needles? forget it.

    I would love to donate blood, but mine is normally rich with ethanol. :D

    Am Real, real scared of the needle.

    you did something real good.

  5. Right till college, I was never once 'eligible' to donate blood, again because I was under-weight. I finally got my chance during the last year of college when one of the nuns from the convent required O+ blood for a transfusion. I was rushed to the hospital only to be told that my blood group was A+ and hence, I was not eligible! gah!
    Kudos to you! :)

  6. @ All: Thanks! :D

    @ Kannan, Disha and survivingbrain: I know what it feels like! Even today, I'm not yet quite sure that I'll be able to do it again! ;)

    @ Disha: Wasn't quite just in one shot. I've had blood tests done before, you know, before going to England.

    @ smalltown girl: Oh ho! :( Miss. Doctor, can you not do something about it? :P

    @ survivngbrain: I read about the "rich with ethanol" bit! :P At least it makes you say nice things! :P And you know, funny thing but after the blood test, when the doctor was asking us stuff like did we have any diseases, on-going medication etc, he asked my dad if he has drunk/ smoked in the last year but never asked me! Good for me, I guess that they assumed I don't drink/ smoke. Well, at least they didn't ask me in front of my parents! phew! :P

    @ June: aww! I guess, there's always a next time...?