Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sun!!!!!

Here's to the person who reminds us of our balls of steel, to our spine, to the vegetarian birthday lunches, to the bra-shopping, to the Pearl-bitching, to the mother shocking, to the innumerable memories and to soul sisters! Happy Birthday, my darling! May God give you the best of everything - just like you deserve!

I love you!

*Image courtesy google images.


  1. That's a girl I relate to. Hope she had a good one. And how was the vegetarian lunch?

  2. All of this happened over a year ago. In Sept 2009, I went to England and in Nov 2009, Sun went to NZ. We have never seen each other except on Skype ever since.

    But the vegetarian birthday lunch was awesome! And Sun cribbed (still does) A LOT about it. :P